IBB Group was founded on 7th November 2001 by  Mr Olivier Paquay.

As a specialist in the after-market, the IBB Group supply electronic, electrical and mechanical products for the railway, military and aircraft sectors. IBB Group has a worldwide purchasing network to meet the specific demands of the customers backed by our own engineering and production skills.

Our main business is concentrated in Europe and mostly in the railway sector where we have a great experience. However, we are developping step by step our business in Asia with namely SMRT Singapore as a customer since 2011.

Key partnerships as distributor for Europe have been signed with major and specialized asian suppliers; we want more and we expect more in the near future.

Our experience and our efficiency as distributor for Europe has been demonstrated since many years now; the suppliers are deeply trusting our company.

We are looking also to the Middle East where the railway business is growing very quickly; our Founder has already experience there.